Best Free Dividend Income Tracking Spreadsheet Alternative

Monthly dividend income tracking for all your portfolios. A free alternative to your dividend tracking spreadsheets.

Passive Income Tracker Dashboard Example Dividend Tracking Software Dashboard

Track Performance

Watch your portfolio and dividend income grow over time!

View important charts and metrics.

Stay Focused

What gets measured, gets managed.

Sleep easy knowing you're on track to achieve your financial goals!

Simple & Easy To Use

Tracking your monthly income won't happen if it's cumbersome to do.

Ditch the complex spreadsheet formulas.

Why track your portfolio's performance?

It can be a long, slow grind when you have long-term financial goals like achieving financial independence or creating generational wealth for your family. Over time, recognizing just how far you've come on your journey can be challenging. It's easy to get distracted with shiny new short-term goals and forget about your long-term ones.

Tracking your portfolio's performance over time allows you to chart your progress to keep you on track. The ability to visualize your dividend income and portfolio growth month over month on a chart can be inspiring and help you stay focused on reaching your goals.

Passive Income Tracker is packed with features that help keep your eye on the prize!

Ditch the spreadsheet

While creating your own dividend tracking Excel or Google Sheets spreadsheets certainly work for tracking a stock portfolio, learning to apply the complex formulas and formatting necessary to create a meaningful document to track dividend income and chart portfolio growth takes time and effort and can be very tedious. Passive Income Tracker's application makes it simple to manage your wealth. Easily manage multiple portfolios and gain insight into your investments.

Passive Income Tracker was built to replace your spreadsheet!

How to track your dividends?

Tracking your dividend income is pretty straightforward and the best part is our software makes it super easy to do! The simplest way to track your dividend income is to gather all of your dividend payouts for a particular portfolio from your broker along with the portfolios value at the end of the month, and then simply plug them into your portfolio's earned income section inside our app! Journaling your dividend income within Passive Income Tracker's app allows you to visualize the progress you've made on your financial journey!

Manage Holdings Across Multiple Portfolio's

Many of us have multiple portfolios implementing various strategies.

Whether you possess a single portfolio or a dozen across multiple brokers, it's essential to track the progress of each individual account.

  • View portfolio metrics individually as well as collectively.
  • Compare growth rates between various portfolio strategies.
Example image of an M1 Finance Roth IRA portfolio's holdings inside Passive Income Tracker.
Example image of logging the actual dividend payments received and the stock portfolio's value month over month in Passive Income Tracker.

Track Actual Income & Portfolio Values

Chart out your dividend and portfolio growth over time with actual data each month!

  • View and compare received dividends against estimates
  • Visualize the power of compound interest

Estimate Future Income

See your estimated dividend income across all of your portfolio's individually and collectively.

An image of Passive Income Tracker projecting your future stock dividend income.
Track your actual dividend income from stocks and ETFs with Passive Income Tracker's free app!

Chart Income Growth

Visualize the growth of your income over time with meaningful charts!

Visualize Portfolio Diversification

Ensure diversification across your portfolio's by visualizing sector and industry weightings.

Example image of sector diversification weightings for a stock portfolio in Passive Income Tracker.